Alternative Investments

shutterstock_48273172The alternative investments industry has displayed a distinct movement toward increasing transparency and stability within capital allocation and servicing best practices. Although lawmakers have still not officially ruled for mandated registration of hedge fund managers, the analyst community has mobilized itself to capitalize on the burgeoning need for more scrupulous due diligence practices. Because CCM recognizes the need for increased surveillance of hedge fund managers, we offer an Independent Verification and Operational Review (IVOR) of any investment vehicle that you hold, upon agreement of the manager. An IVOR is ideally suited to help protect from the risk of investing in alternative vehicles such as hedge funds or fund of funds, or even long only managers. During an IVOR, we aim to decrease risk by augmenting the level of understanding of the investment practices being upheld by your third party asset manager. An IVOR entails:

A thorough on-site visit

An independent review of the manager’s operational, pricing, and financing practices Confirmation of all third party service providers and their roles and services performed Because CCM offers this service as an independent third party, the IVOR is an objective assessment which is free from any conflicts of interest. We think that the absence of bias may enable us to become aware more easily of any risk exposures.

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