What is (410216065_s01k)?

A 401(k) is a retirement plan that the government made available through the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974). It is a form of saving which allows the private industry and employees of private businesses to contribute a portion of their wages to individual accounts. The savings properly managed are growing with tax benefits. By funding a 401(k), you lower the amount of income you have to pay taxes on. Over the last many years the laws, governing, and 401(k) investment options have significantly changed. As an employer you try to streamline your decisions and find a good financial balance.


Competing interests are ruling our lives: cost of education, children, real estate, emergencies. People who get professional 401(k) advice are certainly more inclined to have a better chance of meeting their retirement goals. Do you know how much money you should have in your 401(k) plan by the time you stop working? Are you sure you are making the most of your 401(k)? Have you heard about the latest, most effective retirement plan management solutions?

What we do at Conrad Capital Management

We work hard! Our goal: help you and your participants to get to your retirement goals sooner than you would otherwise. We profile our clients: quantify all the information they have given us and extract a profile for each individual considering their tolerance for risk, the time they have left to retire and the amount of money they can afford to put into the retire10962183_sment plan. As the next step we create an IPS statement (investment policy statement) that tells us how the financial resources should be allocated and into what investment categories to serve the best interest of that specific person or organization. Particular attention is focused on identifying investments in each category that have done the best for all periods of time. Our professionals are constantly doing thorough research and analysis of the trends and issues impacting the financial environment. We help you choose the best possible product and the most competitive price, where both you as a business owner and the participants of your plan have an opportunity to save for retirement. Thanks to recent modifications in legislation a range of new opportunities opened up, allowing to go into individual stocks, individual bonds, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, index funds, REIT’s investments. – the list goes on. We will help you to take advantage of all new possibilities furthermore we offer additional attached services i.e. trust and estate planning, financial planning, collage saving, insurance and tax planning. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible standard of fiduciary care and highly customized portfolio management. Since CCM is an independent Registered Investment Advisor, our only allegiance is to our clients!

Safety is crucial for a stable future!

You have put your retirement plan into action?  Analyze your portfolio from time to time. With the help of a professional you can make sure your investments are on track and you can make necessary changes. We operate in the spirit of keeping the fees low but maximizing the benefit to all participants. Things have changed over the last few years and we are finding that in many cases it is possible to reduce costs, increase the investment options available, and create additional tax benefits to the employer or plan sponsor. In many cases this additional tax benefit can be quite large.

16289510_sAs you approach retirement think about these questions:

  • How can I make the most of my retirement assets?
  • Are my current retirement savings sufficient?
  • Is it possible to save more?


Advice for new entrants to the workforce

Your first thought about retirement is probably that it’s very far in the future. Time is on your side. Create retirement savings habits now that can help serve you during your working years; you will thank yourself later. There are steps you have to take to create a retirement income and portfolio strategy to make the most of your assets!

Our goal will always be to help you avoid running out of money when you need it most!